Corporate Secretarial Services

Our team of experienced company secretarial professionals are specialized in handling the following matters:

  • Incorporation of companies or registration of branches or representative offices of foreign corporations
  • Maintain and update the Company statutory registers and records
  • Prepare directors’ resolution and minutes of shareholders’ meeting
  • Apply to strike off the company’s name
  • Member or creditors voluntary winding up

To assist our clients further, we also provide a natural person of full age and capacity as the named Company Secretary as well as our office address as the Registered Address of the Company.

Under the Singapore Companies Act every Singaporean company must appoint a Company Secretary and shall have a registered office in Singapore which must be open and accessible to the public during normal office hours.

Accounting Services

Our team of qualified accountants have the necessary experiences to advise our clients on streamlining of the record keeping process and ensuring that the data are filed correctly and in an organized manner.

The scope of accounting services that we provide include:

  • Record and post all transactions i.e. sales invoices, supplier invoices, incoming and outgoing payments, journals and expenses.
  • Generate periodical financial reports i.e. Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement and Ledgers for management purposes.
  • Prepare schedules for balance sheet accounts e.g. fixed assets and depreciation schedule.
  • Coordinate with the external auditors for auditing of annual financial statements.
  • Compile and prepare unaudited financial statements for clients qualifying for audit exemption
  • Prepare financial statements in XBRL reporting format for clients needing to file their financial statements with the authorities.

Good and Services Tax (”GST”) Services

GST registration is mandatory (i.e. compulsory registration) when the Company’s turnover exceed S$1 million. If the turnover is below the threshold, the Company can decide whether it wishes to register itself for GST on a voluntarily basis.

Our GST services to our clients include:

  • Applying for GST registration whether on a compulsory or voluntary basis
  • Assisting the Company in collating the information necessary to complete its quarterly GST returns.
  • Submitting the Company’s quarterly GST returns to the Inland Revenue
  • Assisting in replying to tax queries raised by the Inland Revenue

Payroll Services

Our team of professionals have extensive experiences in payroll processing function and a track record of delivering accurate and cost effective payroll services.

Our scope of payroll services include:

  • Apply for employer registration with Central Provident Fund (“CPF”)
  • Compute monthly employee’s payroll and prepare payroll slip
  • Prepare payroll summary for the Company
  • Calculate and submit the Company’s CPF contribution with CPF Board
  • Prepare Annual Return of Employee’s Remuneration (”Form IR8A”)
  • File tax clearance (”Form IR21”) for expatriate employee when he/she leaves the Company

Corporate Tax Services

Our team of experienced tax consultants are competent to manage the following matters:

  • Prepare and file the Company’s estimated chargeable income (within 3 months from its financial closing)
  • Prepare and file the Company’s annual income tax return and income tax computation.
  • Advise the Company of the notices of assessment issued by the Inland Revenue.
  • Object to excessive assessments raised by the Inland Revenue.
  • Assist in replying to tax queries raised by the Inland Revenue.
  • Identify possible tax savings opportunities, government grants and incentives such as PIC claims.

Other Services

According to the Singapore Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, foreign professionals, managers and executives need to apply a valid Employment Pass in order for them to work in Singapore.

There are various types of Work Pass, such as Employment Pass, S Pass or Work Permit, based on academic qualifications, working experiences and salary.

We can assist you to apply for:

  • Employment passes
  • Dependant passes or Long Term visit passes for accompany spouses if eligible
  • Letter of consent for dependent pass holder if he/she wishes to work